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Gina Hansen has been inspiring students for over 20 years via Computer Media courses. A major focus of learning has been student generated ideas that are developed and nurtured into becoming reality. All courses also focus on Portfolio-Building, Networking, Real World application and Post High School Preparation in which students can continue to develop their craft. Common course topics in New Media currently include the following:

An early adopter, Hansen has always been inspired by new technology and continues consulting on a per project basis in new media web development solutions ranging from branding to music scoring to documentary films. Current interests include programming, electronics, and analog synths & sampling. In addition to these interests, Gina Hansen Consulting LLC continues to find ways to help in their own community and is beginning 2021 by joining the #ihaveenough social media campaign.

The purpose of this site is to explain how Gina Hansen Consulting LLC helps provide technical solutions & support for independent artists and small businesses. This entity also supports per-piece priced student art production opportunities in graphic, logo design, social media development, photography, filmmaking, music production and beatmaking, game development, and more. To hire a consultant or student for a project you are working on, please contact ginahansenconsulting@gmail.com or at 510.747.8357.

This project is organized through Gina Hansen Consulting LLC. Please email ginahansenconsulting@gmail.com