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2020 was hard and it left many dependent on others to make it through the Pandemic. The #ihaveenough campaign was created to encourage those who have ""enough" to share with those who have less and may be struggling in our our own communities. Support our campaign. When you have an idea to help or want to share how you are impacting those in need in your own community, please consider tagging #ihaveenough to your post.

Realizing the hashtag may be slow to catch on and only through word-of-mouth through friends, so a #ihaveenough webstore with the hashtag was created so people could purchase stickers and other merchandise. This is not a moneymaker, only a way to promote giving through additional brand visibility and awareness. Excess proceeds will continue to support the #ihaveenough campaign.

The purpose of this 2021 Project is to encourage giving in our own communities. 2020 was a HARD year for most people, and all the more reason for us to reach out and help our friends and neighbors through hard times. This hashtag campaign is asking people to tag #ihaveenough to share what they are doing to help in their own communities

An example campaign was started in my own city of Denver, Colorado, where Jamila Gordon is spearheading a collection drive to give important commodities to people living outside. You may donate to this campaign through:

#hashtagged images of people helping in their local Denver Community

#ihaveenough giving campaign in Denver, CO, sidewalk tents on speer #ihaveenough giving campaign in Denver, CO Donate to the Food Bank of the Rockies #ihaveenough giving campaign in Denver, CO, shopping for our adopted family #ihaveenough giving campaign in Denver, CO #ihaveenough giving campaign in Denver, CO, building sandwich lunch bags #ihaveenough giving campaign in Denver, CO, shopping cart of food #ihaveenough giving campaign in Denver, CO, bread sandwich stack #ihaveenough giving campaign in Denver, CO, sandwiches on counter #ihaveenough giving campaign in Denver, CO, bag drop

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This project is organized through Gina Hansen Consulting LLC. Please email ginahansenconsulting@gmail.com